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Dance Programs

Parent and Tot

This fun class is for children age 2 along with Mom or Dad. This is a great introduction to dancing for children just developing their coordination. The teacher guides the parent/tot team in a way that makes discovering movement, balance and listening skills easy and fun. This class is an excellent first group activity.

Level 1 Program (Pre-school I)

Ages 3-4 is an introduction to dance. The primary goal is to foster a love of movement. The creative component is quite large. Several fun or special activities happen in each class. For example, a scarf or flag dance at the end can facilitate the dancer’s own physical expression. Taking part in dancing out a narrative helps children to understand that dancing is expression. It is a means of communicating feelings and actions. The vocabulary and dance movement taught in Pre-School Dance 1, are all steps that a 3 year old can master and build self-confidence. The vocabulary is also set up to prepare students for Kindergarten Dance 2.

Level 2 Program (Pre-school II)

Ages 4 ½ - 7 covers a basis of movement found in all dance forms. The goals of Kindergarten Dance 2 are to foster creativity, freedom and expression in movement, and a love for dance. The class includes concepts that are found in an older child’s dance class. The concepts will prepare the students for the following year when they graduate to Pre-Primary Ballet, Jazz or Tap. 1 or 2 creative or free components are also included within each class. By the end of the year, the students can dance set work independent of the teacher, memorize simple exercises and sequences, and make a start of musical interpretation.

What is the difference between Modern and Hip Hop?

Modern Dance is a style of theatrical dancing that is not as restricted as classical ballet; movements are expressive of feelings, using a free-flowing, interpretive style, rather than following the rigid rules characteristic of many dance disciplines. Hip Hop is a fast, high-energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Dance moves seen in performance by artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and J Lo would be typical examples of Hip Hop.

Tap Classes

Our schools do not start children intensive tap until the age of 6. Tap requires a great deal of coordination and can be a challenging style of dance. Students younger than 6 can compromise their backs if they start intensive tap dancing too young. Between the ages of 6-8, our tap classes are traditional tap. Ages 9 and older can participate in street tap, which is a funky, hip-hop inspired style of tap.

Ballet Classes

There are several methods of ballet in Russian ballet. The method we study in the Vaganova method, which was named after the very famous ballerina and teacher, Agrippina Vaganova. Vaganova devised her own method of classical ballet training, fusing elements of French, Italian and other methods as well as influences from other Russian dancers and teachers.

Company Classes

Each year our teachers invite students with talent, commitment and good team spirit to participate in a variety of company classes. The student perform in festivals and events held around the Brooklyn and New York City.


Parents are given five tickets to our year-end dance performance and parents can purchase additional tickets if they wish. This is the high point of the year for students and parents and all have a fun time.

Tap Classes for Adults

Art’s House offers private lessons in tap dance for adults 18 and older.