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Dance Schedules & Fees


Summer Classes

Pre-School Dance 3-5

Ballet/Tap Combo 5-7

Ballet 6-17

Modern/Hip-hop 6-17

Boy's Only Classes



Song & Dance


Price List

Yearly Registration Fee- $35

Toddler & Preschool Dance-

Preschool Dance-$65 per month

Combination Classes-

Ballet/Tap- $110 per month

Song and Dance- $110 per month

Hourly Classes-

One-hour a week- $82 per month

One-hour 15 min a week- $102 per month

Two hours a week- $150 per month

Three hours a week- $210 per month

Four hours a week- $265 per month

Musical Theatre & Ballroom-

Musical Theatre- $102 per month

Ballroom Dance- $102 per month

Other Classes-

Pointe (35 min) - $48 per month

Pointe (45 min) - $61.50 per month

Private lesson (30 min) - $33 per class

Examination Prep Class- $82 per hour

Company/ Competition- $41 per month

Tap - $82 per month

Pre-Registration for Fall 2023 will open on Monday, May 15, at 1 pm!